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 +====== Kemp Family History ======
 +One of the things Billy Kemp was keen on was family history, and in the days before the internet he started to track down his ancestors. I think he was hoping to find out the answer to one of the family myths, that his great grandfather had run off with the Laird'​s daughter and settled in Old Kilpatrick with her. 
 +Since my father died I have carried on his research, and in fits and starts, with much help from a distant cousin I have put together what I can find out on this website. You can see the older parts of the tree at [[http://​www.billykemp.org.uk/​phpmyfamily/​]]. ​
 +There are also some accompanying narratives and discussion over on my blog. The appropriate entries are in the [[http://​www.themself.org/​category/​family/​genealogy/​|Genealogy Category]]. ​
 +James Kemp
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